The Walking Dead: Review #6

Let me start off this by saying this is one of the most emotional and tearing games i have ever played.I went into this game not thinking much of it, you point and click and maybe make a choice here and there.How wrong I was…This games combines tough choices with emotion, character development, quick thinking, trust, luck, and smarts. While it doesnt look the best graphicly, this game more than makes up for in heartpounding and wretching chocies.The best way I could describe this game is like watching a movie, except you decide how this movie starts, goes through, and ultimately ends. Every person you trust or don’t, every left or right turn you make, moving a single item or firing 1 bullet changes the ENTIRE outcome of the game. This fear of choice is only enhanced when you have literally 3 seconds in the heat of battle to decide who lives and who dies. Not to mention the emotional ties to all the characters. There wont be 1 single character you dont have an opinion on. Whether that oppinion is bad, good, or both, you will always have something to say about everyone. This makes the choices the hardest of all. You have the mind of everyone else around you to think of. Maybe someone you dispise is in trouble, and someone you really love wants you to save them. You must make that choice in seconds whether you let him die becasue of your distain, or let him live for the sake of your loved ones.All in all, this game is utterly fantastic, and I have little bad things to say, perhaps it is a little more costly then it should be, but I can overlook that knowing good and well I sat and cried for 10 minutes like a damn child because of this game. I would rate this game a solid 8.9/10.Its not a COD shooter, and its not a boring click-around, but it has its own style of fear, quick-thinking, and unique gameplay. I would recomend this to anyone bored of the constant shooters, mobas, and mmo’s to take a break and try this game out, look me around 12 hours to beat it all. Very good break and very good game.

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