The Walking Dead: Review #5

Telltale Games made a name for themselves with this game, It followed a gritty, visceral world, based loosly off the comics and the show, and has now exploded into the phenominan that is TWD, and with the third season of this game being out, in honor I decided to playthrough the first and second seasons of this game.The perks of this game is that it can run very well on pretty much all systems, and having to only turn down the graphics a bit, I got a smooth 60fps no problem. But regardless, the artstyle is also very uniquie too, instead of focusing on «ohh pretty pretty realism» They oppted for a simpliar and comic book style artstyle.Secondly, this is the game that put telltale on the map, and when they said «Your choices matter» they did, and I felt regret some of my options, and stood firmly at others, with plenty of moments where I had no idea what to do so I did what my gut felt. Telltale can write a story, add drama, and tention to it. Every Chapter was lengthy, broad and very deep, with some sort of aspect that impacts the episode. Episode one was titled «A New Day» which was the start of the apocalypse. «Starved For Help» had the group going to desperate lengths to maintain themselves, «Long Road Ahead» was all about leaving the place behind and going somewhere else. «Around Every Corner» was either refering to twists, the zombies, or the lies that took place. And the final episode «No Time Left» was referencing Lee having been bitten, and that he was running out of time so he has to find Clementine before he Turns.This game is a masterpiece, as there are multiple different outcomes that could have happened for each and every moment, and if you chose to keep everyone alive(I didn’t as I left some of them behind, or they died) you could have a veriety of different people who will come with you to the fallout shelter in the previous episode where you have to choose to amputate Lee’s arm or not. Everyone at somepoint HAS to play this game, as you will be constantly biting your nails and racking your brain on what to do or how to react.Buy this game, and play it for yourself.

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