The Walking Dead: Review #4

For a long time, this game didn’t get much play from me. I wanted to like it. I’d liked other Telltale games, so it isn’t like I didn’t know what the style of gameplay is, and for all my loathing of QTEs, I find the writing usually makes up for it. It also helps that the QTEs are of the «logical» variety, meaning the motions and sequences make sense in a general gameplay way, as opposed to those that are just random twitch fests. This is a bit like the difference between sitting on metal bleachers for eight hours and sitting on a Judas’ Chair for eight hours. A bit.It was over a year after initial purchase that I made it past the second act, and another six months after that that I made it past the the third. Compared to my binge/restrained pacing that I had with other titles, deliberately only playing one act a night to draw it out, well, it raises questions about what went wrong. Doubly so given my rapacious appetite for the show and the comic.It comes down to hating all the characters. I couldn’t stand Clementine and I didn’t want to interact with her. FYI: she won’t die; you don’t have to save her, ever. I’ve thoroughly tested this.The key to being able to finish, was realize I was going to get to see most, if not all of these fools get killed. It made me happy to watch them die. It’s hard to say which death was the best. I think the only guy I wasn’t happy about dying was a hobo, and I was merely dispassionate about his death.Unfortunately, there are survivors. Clementine among them. She was just too boring a character to have so much focus being directed at her.

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