The Walking Dead: Review #3

In Farenheit 451, there’s a scene where the main protagonist’s wife watches a soap opera, and reads along on a script to feel like she’s part of the show.It’s not interactive but it makes the viewer feel it is. In The Walking Dead, they do the same thing.It’s not that your decisions don’t matter, but they don’t. I have liked a number of Telltale games and most of the previous ones are different.The one I didn’t like was Jurassic Park The Game.It had a good idea, and a horrible flaw, nothing you did matter, it was all QTEs. Walking dead has the same flaw, but doesn’t have QTEs (or at least as many), and the fact is, this makes me realize how much better Jurassic Park was because of the QTEs.It also shows that with out them, and with out a meaningful decision tree, the game… well the game kind of sucks. If you really want a Walking Dead story (based on the comic, not the tv show) you get that here, but the fact is almost nothing matters in this game, there’s a few critical changes and most of those just define who lasts a few frames longer.What kind of gets me is that Mass Effect people raged over the fact that the ending doesn’t really change (for the most part) and that’s a huge flaw.But in this game it has the same exact problem, and where’s the outrage? This game promised meaningful decisions this game, and yet it doesn’t deliver. The problem is Mass Effect still had a good gameplay and a decent story if lacking ending.This has a good story, but I honestly feel like it’d be done better as a tv show, comic, cartoon, or any other format. And it’s a shame because I liked Telltale games, but I believe this is the point where they changed, from «puzzles» to «Story» but the problem is the only real agency the player has is fake.It might change the story, but it doesn’t change the ending or anything meaningful.On the other hand I’m not a Walking dead fan, so perhaps if I was, I’d be more accepting of this story, but I’m not so your mileage might vary.

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