The Walking Dead: Review #2

Let me start off by saying that this review can be quite biased. Ever since I had played Episode 1 of The Walking Dead years back on the console I fell in love with the story, the characters, the atmosphere, and of course the decisions and how, to a degree, they mattered. Saving one character ended up allowing that character to convince you to open up to the rest of the group, while saving the other character didn’t provide that option since they didn’t know your backstory like the other character did. Little details in a game like that should be admired for not being as linear as some games are these days.That being said, even though this game is based on player choice, it is linear. You have one way you start the game and one way you finish the game, no matter what decisions you make, but your decisions on the way to that definite ending do matter. The decisions provide you with more of an in-depth look into characters and their personalities, or you can just completely choose to ignore their developments and follow suit to the objective like you can in real life.The game also does a wonderful job in influencing your decisions. On your own, you’d make rash decisions and do certain tasks, however, when the way of fate puts you in charge of a little girl, your mind changed from «What would I do and how would this affect me?» to «How will this affect Clementine?» which I feel is something that Seasons 2 and 3 of the game lack, since there is no influencing factor, except in Season 3 where your influence is «I can trust Clementine completely.»Onto an actual review of sorts without a list of Pros and Cons, the gameplay is phenomenal, even though there are a few bugs here and there like a clipping texture or a voice clip not playing. Miniscule stuff compared to the excellence of the narrative of the story and how the story is told. The characters all have their own personality and their own agenda, and no character is known as the «Super Powerful Badass» because they’re all humans with their own follies and their own weaknesses, which makes a story about people surviving an apocalypse all the more believable in their actions.The soundtrack is beautiful, and anyone who has fallen in love with this game series knows Season 1’s music like the back of their hand it’s just that memorable. If the soundtrack came seperately for a small fee, I’d put money into it just because of how amazing it is, even if most of the tracks try their best to envoke sadnessThe ending jerks your heartstrings so well that most people who grow attached to characters can’t help but cry, and wish that the events that played out didn’t. However, in the end, you did your job. You protected this little girl from harm that would’ve killed her in less than a week. Your character is ultimately a good person.With that being said, pick up The Walking Dead. There’s a good chance you’ll get hooked and be interested in playing Season 2 if you haven’t already. The game’s amazing and definitely innovative for the time, still holding up it’s worth to this day as one of the best games in history. You did good, TellTale. You did good.Also 400 Days is pretty alright. Not tear-jerking but, it’s somewhat important to the story. One character is. Pick it up and give it a try.

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