The Walking Dead: Review #1

Wow… Where do I start? I don’t know. Let’s just say I loved the hell out of this game. So much that I ended up playing this game 8 times (Which is quite a lot considering it’s not open-world etc.).The game is just perfect in every aspect. I honestly have never played a game as emotional and remarkable as this one. The story is so touching, well written but also very sad and depressing at some points.Even though the story is great, you don’t play the game for the story (At least I didn’t). You play it to see the development of the characters. They are very well written and I’ve got to admit grow on you as the story goes on. You begin to share emotions and feelings with them… And you’ll share some hate with them (You all know who I mean). And you’ll cry like a baby when a beloved character says goodbye.The graphics are alright. Nothing special though. They might appear a bit odd to new players who haven’t played a game with comic styled graphics yet but they’ll get used to it (I liked the graphics though since I’ve read the comics etc.).The gameplay is awesome. The interface is easy to handle and the controls aren’t too hard (To kill a zombie please rapidly press Q). But the best part is the decision making. Decisions you make will affect the story (Some outcomes are unevitable though :c) and your in-game relationship with your fellow survivors.If you’re into Zombie games and like The Walking Dead Get this game right away.If you’re into Zombie games and don’t know The Walking Dead Give it a try nevertheless. You won’t regret it ;)All that being said I give The Walking Dead 10/10 Walkers :3

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