The Secret of Monkey Island: Review #7

Hmm first review I wrote didn’t save and was kicked out of steam…to sum up it is a good game with a massive problem in the middle that has (up until now) kept me from finishing the game.An error when saving and exiting after getting both the map and compass causes the loss of said items and preventingcompletion. I don’t know if this has been corrected or not just realize it may be a couple of hours of grind before you reach Monkey Island.1/14-Game is finished after a few days and a number of hours realizing that I was going about certain things entirely wrong with the inventory system and its uses.Very very good writing for this game that would make me give ita 9 to 10 but there are a few problems.The inventory system is still pretty bad and using items doesnt always get those items used as they should… and can sometimes result in Guybrush saying the same thing over and over again until the proper item is used in the proper way.There are a few puzzles in the game that are mind boggling the ship stew had to be watched on youtube) while others are funny (though you may need a couple play throughs to get all of the dialogue options) .Overall I was suprised at how well it holds up otherwise.There is no reason an adventure game lover should be without this game ,as it is the classic that started everything, that I can think of (and if your still unsure wait until the summer or winter sales when you can purchase this game for a steal).I would recommend the Youtube walkthrough to adventure game newbies.8 1/2 out of 10(minor control problems)

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