The Secret of Monkey Island: Review #4

Classic game worth playing.The humor alone is a good reason to buy this game. Guybrush Threepwood is one of the most iconic characters in any game I’ve ever played, and the writers of the game did an amazing job making the jokes that would define him as a piece of gaming history. I haven’t played my share of point and click games, as I find them mostly boring. This game however overcomes that through wit and laughs. In any case where dialogue is present there will always be a joke to keep it from being too boring. I will say that there can be some tedious back and forth, but you don’t have to participate in it if you don’t want (but I will say sometimes it pays off to just go along with it). Like any point and click game, it’s objectives consist of problem solving and puzzles. If at any time you get stuck it even provides a help option that basically tells you what to do just by pressing H. I don’t want to say much about the story, but I will say that it was short and sweet. Overall I enjoyed the gameplay but probably won’t play it again since the story is pretty short and I really don’t think I missed anything.Pros: -Funny dialogue -Memorable characters -Fun gameplay mechanics (as far as a point and click goes) -Can probably be finished in one day-Soundtrack is exquisite -Can switch between the new and old versionsCons: -Some of the travel back and forth can be tedious -Short story -Low replay valueThis is really just one of those games everyone should play at one point or another, and I hope my review influenced your dicision to buy it. If you can try and get it on sale, but 10 usd really isn’t a bad price for this game and it never hurts to support the develepors.

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