The Secret of Monkey Island: Review #3

This game and it’s sequel were some of my most loved first pc games ever.Lucas Arts had some of my favorite games back then and the Monkey Island series was no exeception.As other reviewers said, there are plenty of smiles and chuckles to be had.I had the special edition a few years back but it was on an old accountand I can’t recover the information to find it again so when I saw the Monkey Island bundle on sale for under $4.00 over xmas I had to get it again!Right from the first start of the game the rush of pure glee came flooding back. Oh that music! Lol.I really love that I can play in old school mode or the newer refresh version however on my pc the original mode is hard to view, so many pixels.Honestly the updated graphics are just so much nicer that I don’t really miss the original graphics.However to peek at it brings back memories when I first played it back in the day so it’s fun to have that option.If you get stuck on something there are plenty of walkthrough and guides to be found online but there is an in game hint system.Be sure to really explore things, click on everything, talk to everyone and if you want to cover all the jokes, laughs and surprises make sure you have a good chat with them.I just don’t want to give anything away for those that never played Monkey Island before if you like this one be sure to play MI2) but if you want to get the full enjoyment of this retro game then don’t rush through it and enjoy the interactions on your adventure.If you aren’t familar with the ‘old school’, those tried and true fun games of the 90’s then this should be one of the first ones you try and don’t forget the 2nd installment of Monkey Island if you enjoy the first, both worth playing). happy gaming~

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