The Secret of Monkey Island: Review #2

The voice acting in this ranges from pretty good to absolutely phenomenal, and really helps to accentuate the quality of the writing.If you didn’t know any better, you would never know the dialogue wasn’t written for an actor to deliver.Having said that, I preferred the original art most of the time, and I found the new interface system to be somewhat clunky.I highly recommend, if you do use the new interface system, to memorize all of the hotkeys.Unfortunately this special edition gives us no way to use the new audio with the old graphics.So, I used the tools provided here to create an Ultimate Talkie Edition and then played that through scumm, though it did take some time and effort to set up, it was worth it.I believe it’s the best way to play this classic.I added the SE’s extended environment tracks and the original cd music(though the SE music is also excellent).In scummvm, I used opengl(no filter) graphics mode with aspect ratio correction checked, and played in full screen.I also played through the Special Edition as well. I would generally start playing it when I got really stuck in the Ultimate Talkie Edition, and eventually played through both.As for getting unstuck, a lot of the time, Ijust needed to find a pathway to another screen I wasn’t aware of, or revisit a previous is excellent for giving you just enough of a hint to help you move forward without spoiling too much of the game, or the reward.Edit:There is supposedly an in-game hint system but I never saw it.Edit2:Oh, haha.Hints are given by pressing the «H» key.What I said above about memorizing the hotkeys applies here.

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