The Secret of Monkey Island: Review #1

It belongs in a museum!The Secret of Monkey Island(TM). Once, when I was much younger, I tried it. I was too impatient to figure out the at-times difficult puzzles and work my way around the lengthier segments of the game. Now, having revisited it with a more positive and patient mindset, I found myself wrapped in a humorous adventure filled with references, and reasonably challenging puzzles; ones that aren’t ridiculous, and always have a degree of logic to them. GameplayYour standard point-n’-click adventure, where you walk around locations, click on stuff, pick it up, push and pull things more than is probably necessary, and try to combine every single thing in your inventory. Fun, but I had some problems with the Special Edition’s hitboxes. I had to aim just below everything I wanted to click on to do everything with, and I found the scrolling options for use/push/pull annoying so I just used CTRL to bring up the quick list. Faster than scrolling! If you don’t mind doing a bit of fiddling with the controls, and remembering to save in different slots so that the glitches that the Special Edition has don’t ruin your game like it almost did for me, it’s an enjoyable game. Story»My name is Guybrush Threepwood, and I want to be a pirate!» You play the aforementioned Guybrush Threepwood, and his ‘humble’ quest to become a man of ill repute (pirate) soon spirals into a quest to find and defeat the evil Ghost Pirate LeChuck and his crew of undead sailors! (Who can certainly play the violin pretty well). I wouldn’t want to ruin any more for you. Just soak in the world, and make sure to talk to everyone! Graphics, Atmosphere and SoundThe new graphics of the Special Edition, while a little unsettling at times, (Guybrush’s hair looks a little strange), are mostly spot on. Of course, if you’re an old school player or you just want to experience the game how it used to be, old music and all, just hit F10 and you’ll be immersed in old-school Monkey Island(TM)! Seamless, too, so you can do it at anytime, and it’s nice and smooth. I enjoyed seeing the attention to detail from the new artists, capturing and improving on the aspects of the old graphics, capturing it all pretty much perfectly (Guybrush’s hair!). The atmosphere is excellent, really immersing you in the strange locales of Melee Island(TM) and Monkey Island(TM)! It just does a wonderful job of making you feel like Mr Thriftweed- I mean, Threepwood. Yes.The sounds are even better, the voice actors doing a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life. The music is also excellent, a sort of reggae style pirate beat, with both the old and the new versions being really good. I enjoy the map music of Monkey Island(TM) and the catchy violin song that the pirates play the most. SummaryThe Secret of Monkey Island(TM): Special Edition does a masterful job of portraying a crazy haven for pirates and immersing you in a truly humorous story about Monkey Island and it’s inhabitants. Highly recommended, though there are a few bugs, so save often!Just remember…»Woof, woof, arf, bark, a-roof wuf, LeChuck!»

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