7 Days to Die: Review #6

Post-apocalyptic voxel-based sandbox with elements of zombie tower defense. Play as a farmer, bandit, miner, trader, hunter-gatherer, nomad, settler or any combo in the daily/nightly struggle to survive. While not the shining gem of AAA studios producing the likes of Fallout, Dying Light or State of Decay, Seven Days to Die still manages to provide a fun and feisty zombie FPS/RPG contender by indie studio The Fun Pimps.Pros:Randomly generated world, different every time you start a new game with a different seed.Voxel-based world which is fully demolishable/constructible.All buildings, terrain and mobs provide harvestable resources.Game stages which scale mob difficulty to time, group size and player experience.Large modding community for varied gameplay options.Solo (achievements), multiplayer PvE (co-op) or PvP gameplay.Developers do listen to fans and adjust gameplay when a concept can be easily implemented.Regularly updated.Cons:Updates tend to introduce bugs to pre-existing features.PvP is highly unbalanced and cannot be completely disabled on PvE servers.Having to wipe characters every time version updates. (no import/export option)Limited server populations (8 player officially), due to lack of instancing.Excessive memory and poor GPU usage due to lack of hardware optimization.Still clings to level-based system instead of going fully skill-based.Server lag, duping exploits and few in-game reasons to play co-op (which is the most fun imho).TLDR:Buy it and play on a PvE server with a few friends or family. If you are used to dealing with a more toxic community, try a PvP/PvX server. It’s a budget game, especially when on sale, and won’t break your wallet.

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