7 Days to Die: Review #5

I’ve only had this game for a few days after buying it for a friend and myself during the Summer Sale 2017 and absolutely love it. It has incredible potential if it keeps moving in the right direction. I’ve mostly been playing on single player with custom rules to get familiar with the game. There is a massive map with multiple types of terrain you have to face weather, wildlife, and zombies on your journey. Building a base is easy you can make yours from scratch or dry to duck down in a pre-existing home, gathering resources in order to build it up strong enough to withstand the massive zombie hoardes and other players (if playing online.) However, if you don’t want that combat and like to live in isolation like me, you can make a custom single-player game with no enemies and work on just crafting and basic survival. (I highly recommend doing this to learn how the game works before trying out public servers.)I’ve only played a few hours of multiplayer, but I lov how you can ally with other members and play with your friends. A fun game to pair with Discord’s voice chat, teaming up to fight zombies and other players as well as keeping yourselves and each other alive in the harsh weather conditions. Pros:-Highly customizable single player mode.-Basically limitless construction (if you have the materials gathered!)-Kinda creepy atmosphere when zombies are enabled.-Leveling system similar to Skyrim. (Perks get better as you use them.)-Many, many elements go into survival. Temperatures, food and water, shelter, and enemies are stacked against you. -Very atmospheric. -Easy collaboration with friends in multiplayer, as well as good options for PvP.Cons:-Some multiplayer servers are spotty.-Takes a long while to get used to. (Not really a con, unless youre diving into MP right away)-Runs like a charm…. on all of the lowest graphics settings.-Animal animations are a bit blocky. -Animal spawn rates tend to be a bit low. (It’s still very playable, though!)-Some items have ridiculously low or ridiculously high stacking in the player’s inventory.-Stealth «meter» only works with Zombies. You can’t tell if animals or other players can see you as well. -Generic textures. This may just be because I’m running on all of the lowest settings, but thers little to no variety in models for items in the world. -Falling through the map has been happening to me, but only when playing multiplayer. (This is fixed by simply reloading the game)-sometimes, my weapons just… don’t work. I will be at point blank range, and the arrow I’m using will sometimes phase through the zombie or creature I’m aiming at.-Sometimes, this game can turn into Waiting Simulator 2017.It’s also important to realize this game is still Early Access and receives updates! The only thing that has actually bugged me about it is simply the animal animations. You lose sight of them instantly as they clip around after being frightened. Other than that, I would highly recommend this game if you’re looking for some fun crafting/survival for yourself or with friends. I hope to see this game grow!(Written on 7/6/2017 with ~30hrs of gameplay)(Updated 7/8/2017 with ~45hrs of gampleay)

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