7 Days to Die: Review #4

To anyone reading this: Please understand that I am not here to argue with people just because your opinion is different to mine, in regarding to the reason I do not like this game. I am not claiming that I can create a game any better. If your a fan of this game; that’s great! Just don’t get salty and start abusing me in the comments if you don’t like what you see here. I think I covered everything. Okay, let’s begin!Well, I dunno. There is something about this game that rubs me up the wrong way. I mean, it is fun to play with your friends for a little while, but shortly gets repetitive. I’ve yet to experience the gameplay that has earned this game a ‘Very Positive’ steam rating. 7 Days to die feels like a typical zombie survival game with nothing unique (Which isn’t particulary a bad thing). It’s simply build a house/base, reinforce/armthat house/ base, explore for stuff, kill zombies/people (Depending if you are playing PvP, PvE, PvPvE), and protect your house.And that’s pretty much all there is to it, as far as I see. I am curious to think what sets this game aside from other games such as Miscreated, etc in terms of being unique.The graphics aren’t really the best either. But that is expected for an early access game. I bought this game knowing that it wouldn’t be full of stunning visuals. I’d just wish the developers would make it a little easier on the eyes. (But that’s subjective)I don’t really think that there is enough content for this game to be really worth my money either. I bought the 2- pack for my friend and I, but I feel that the price is far too much, for what there is in the game. I hardly play this game for that reason. As, you can tell, I have not played many hours of this game. The reason being, thatit is hard to play this game, when knowing that I have games in my library (in the same genre) I would enjoy far more than this. I have watched plenty of gameplay of this on Youtube, prior to owning 7 days to die. One of the main reasons I did purchase this game was to support the early access developers. Perhaps, I am judging too harshly for an early access title, but maybe this game can change my mind in the future. I’d really like to enjoy this game. I’m honestly saying that this game may be impressive in the future. But not now.

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