7 Days to Die: Review #3

7 Days to Die, developed by Telltale Games and The Fun Pimps, is a zombie survival horror base defense video game. It features a wide variety of items, including clothing, weapons, tools, skills, crafting and various other items. You start by choosing whether or not you want to play in the developer created map or generating one of you own. There are plenty of game options to choose, from determining whether you want to allow your enemies to run(default setting) or walk to how long the day/night cycle takes to complete. There’s also a few other options like loot abundance and respawn time, block durability and game difficulty. You create the world you want to survive in. Upon spawning within the game world, you’ll notice you have a few items to start out with(ie, a can of beans, a torch, one jar of water, and a bandage) which will help you strive in the early game. From there, you’ll want to start off the same as many other survival games by gathering resources. You’ll be spending a lot of time gathering materials to create the items you’ll need to survive and progress. You’ll soon want to start building a base(or fortify a prefab structure) because on every seventh day, when night falls, the blood moon will rise. During that time, a horde of zombies will make their way towards you and will stop at notthing to gobble you up. By default, enemies are not that much of a threat, but during blood moons, they’re feral(meaning you have nowhere to hide, they will find you) and come at you all at once which can easily overwhelm the unprepared survivor. The hordes increase in difficult with each blood moon that occurs, bringing stronger and faster enemies. You’ll need to defend yourself each of these nights until the clock strikes 4:00 AM. After which, all will change back to normal.Remember, this game is early access and will have the occasional bug, but they’re usually not too jarring. All in all, if you’re into survival games that have tons of items, base building, and fun combat; this is definitely a game for you.

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