7 Days to Die: Review #2

An absolute must-buy for fans of zombies and sandbox/survival/horror/open world games.7 Days is hands down one of the most addictive and fun games I’ve played. It’s one of the few zombie games that mostly does justice to the premise and realizes a lot of potential that zombies have always had for sandbox/survival FPS games. For me it keeps getting closer to the quintessential zombie game with every update.Of course, it is still flawed and unfinished presently (early access), but nonetheless extremely unique and entertaining despite some glaring shortcomings such as lack of endgame challenge and easily duped horde AI mechanics (the old hide-on-a-roof sh*t that’s plagued the game since early in development still works in a lot of cases; the devs are aware this is a problem and are planning to address it as well as endgame challenge AFAIK).I get the impression that more and more people seem to be rolling their eyes nowadays at zombie games since it’s such an overused theme with so many poor quality and generic titles, but the existence of ones like 7 Days to Die are why I’m glad people haven’t given up on making zombie games. It’s a game like this that I’ve been starving for since I became obsessed as a teenager with zombie movies like the Romero classics and 28 Days Later, and more recently The Walking Dead.Thanks for making my dream game, Pimps!

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