7 Days to Die: Review #1

I don’t usually review games but I feel compelled to as this is/was my favorite current game to play. However, after playing the new update I’m up in the air about it and it comes down to this: Game Balancing. See, the way the game was previously set up gave you a great feeling of accomplishment when you take down a horde or successfully loot buildings. It gave you a certain rush when you were playing and progressing as there are more/ harder enemies spawning over time, but you could have a chance to gather enough supplies to craft the items needed to defend yourself. It was EXCELLENT and I quicly found myself recommending this game to everyone I could. Then we get Alpha 16. The first thing that was a negative was that ALL my previous saves were now null and void. The MP save myself and my friends were playing on hurt the most to lose as we had made great progress and were having a great deal of fun. This makes me hesitant now because it gives me the feeling that I will continue to play, and my saves will continue to not matter once an update occurs. Now, getting into the game itself, not all of the changes are bad. I first start up a new game and I notice new enemies, some of which are more difficult to beat, and what I say to myself is «COOL!! Who doesnt like that?» but then I start to realize that the rock, ore, and wood I would be harvesting is cut down by about 8x what it used to yield before the update. Now, essentially what this means is there are now tougher enemies with less means to craft what you need to fend them off, thus taking away that badass feeling of taking a horde out and leaving stacks of bodies in your wake and isn’t that what people enjoy most about this game? UPDATE: After a quick play it seems that crafting really doesn’t matter, as your items don’t gain levels in the same way as before. Which makes me wonder, if your best bet is to find a good item randomly, then why even have crafting in the game?With all this being said I’m still going togive this game a thumbs up for the time being and see if a couple more sessions don’t bring me back around as this is my favorite game currently and I don’t WANT to give up on it just yet.

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