Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove: Review #7

This is an amazing game with a lot of charm in it’s writing and setting, a great soundtrack, tight gameplay, great level-design, and can be pretty challenging while being fair.This game is an NES-style game done right and nails everything from the limited color palletes and pixel-art to the constrained music, but with all of the lessons we have learned over 30+ years of gaming on what to do and what not to do in game design.You will also see very clever game design decisions in this game, for example: there is a checkpoint system in the level so you don’t have to retread the entire level if you die, however, if you want to you can break the checkpoints and they will drop more money which creates a nice risk-reward system.The first level is also pretty easy but drops a decent amount of money, so if you are having trouble, you can replay that level over and over again to get better gear and upgrades if you are willing to grind a little bit.Those are just some random examples of things I’ve seen in this game that exclaims that these devs really know their stuff, and it shows through the entire game.If that isn’t enough, there are two other modes you can play in where you play as 2 different antagonists.The first is the alchemist which, I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of.It felt like a really cheap remake of the original levels with a twist which, imo, felt kind of lazy.There is still a lot of differences, but they all seem minor.Same levels just remixed a little bit to work around different mechanics that the character you use has.The second, however, feels like a completely different game and an independent game unto itself.The character and his mechanics are a huge departure from the original game with very unique levels (although there are some similarities here and there, especially for the first stage).So, for both the original and the spectre of torment, the full price is definitely worth it.I would encourage you to not wait for a sale and support it at full price if you can afford it, otherwise pick it up on a sale the next time you see it!

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