Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove: Review #6

First of all: Shovel Knight was the first so called «Metroidvania» or «Platformer» that I have really played. And as a beginner, it is quite hard from time to time, but it rarely treats you unfair. It took me quite long to beat this game, and I was really frustrated from time to time, but all in all, I think it was a really great game.The story is rather unimportant but I think it has some really nice characters and I liked the ending. I really enjoyed most of the pixelart (except for that one level with toxic rain or whatever, that one hurt my eyes quite a bit) and the design concept of this game, acting like it is all superold and stuff. The soundtrack really matched that theme and created a great presentation from my point of view.The core gameplay mechanics are rather simple but well thought through and the controls felt really responsive. I really enjoyed the level design, and the way the game teaches you without really telling you anything (There are no tutorial texts or something similar). It just introduces a new enemy or a new obstacle in a rather save environment, where you will get the chance to get to know the new feature.The obstacles themselves were, in my opinion, really well thought through and diverse, like some people try to stop you from jumping on their heads while others require you to.Beating bosses brought to me (as I said I am new to the genre) almost a Dark Souls like level of satisfaction.All in all I am quite happy that I played through this game and I would recommend it to almost anyone, even if you are not fans of the genre, for this game is quite an adventure, that you should experience yourself.

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