Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove: Review #5

This game has given me quite the interesting experience. For the slightly high price of 25 dollars, you basically get a 3-in-1 pack, and you will be able to choose which one you play based on your character type. Pros:Starting with the basics, I obviously just chose the OG Shovel Knight. Throughout this journey, I found myself enthralled by the adventure. I have to admit, the gameplay mechanics were somewhat simple, but that isn’t always a negative point. The storyline in itself may seem generic, however the game has incorporated scenes throughout the game that makes it touching and emotional. A very clear example of this is given after the first level (SPOILERS) where you are asked to save Shield Knight, your partner, falling from the sky within the dream. This campfire scene becomes very symbolistic throughout the game.However, if you are looking for a more dynamic gameplay mechanic, definitely go for playing Specter Knight (from Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment which is included in this game). There is wall climbing, slashing in mid-air to travel and an entirely different upgrading/shop system. So if you are less into story, you can get just Specter of Torment on Steam for around $10 (base price). Plague of Shadows (the third playable character that comes in this pack) also takes a whole different perspective into the game and plot. Taking the perspective of Plague Knight, you use your special alchemy powers to constantly throw bombs and jump around at great heights. This character introduced a great «mix and match» system with what types of traits you wanted your bombs to have that you unlock and purchase with your collected coins throughout the levels. Great way to keep every playthrough fresh.There are still many general concepts throughout all of these that make Shovel Knight so unique. Every level is cleverly designed to keep your brain solving small puzzles and organizing your next move along with certain places where you need to physically act quick. Death has a fair penalty of taking 1/3 (I believe it is around that much) of your current gold and letting you take it back when you respawn. This motivates you just enough to let you keep playing, without being so harsh where you just want to quit. With only a quick glance, it’s hard to tell that this game has much substance besides «defeating levels, bosses and repeat», but that is actually incorrect. There are plenty of hidden secrets in every level or world to discover. Even upon finishing the original campaign for Shovel Knight, the difficulty has changed as the save file turns into something called «Game+», allowing me to experience it again but with a more challenging situation to keep the fun of the game alive.This game is…well…just really fun. The soundtrack fits the game almost all the time, and nothing is too complicating or impossible, but definitely not just any plain game. I think my money was well spent. 10/10Cons:-(When on Mac) can’t leave the game without quiting it.*Edit: Added more info on Plague of Shadows.

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