Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove: Review #4

This game is simply put fantastic in what it does right.I think this is how you do an «in honour of» the old 90’s action-platformers. I often think Indie games are lifted higher up than they should be and the price tag for this on 23 euros looks insanely high. But then you play it. Then you start to slowly get better and see patterns on the bosses and just keep struggling and eventually you beat the ♥♥♥♥ers. It is very much a Mega Man clone if you want to be a bit mean but it is very much fun and the theme is awesome. Cheesyfantasy world with the wicked witches and the stalward knights and odd exotic races. Graphics are 90’s era console like and the controls are almost perfect, not many times did I die because of bad controls or wonky mechanics but by my own mistakes. The bosses are hillarious to and the side dungeons and things to do just add to the feel of the gamethat there is more than levels. The overhead map is fiting too. Not much more to say to it that has not been said than the ending…is better than Mass Effects and so is the romance, hue hue! 8,5 Knights out of 10!EDIT: After playing and finishing both the secondary campaigns of Plague Knight and Spectre Knight…I can say the game is really worth it if one like this kind of games. Plague Knight has a bit more of a parody feel to it, an anti-hero or how to call him and the Spectre Knight is an suprisingly sad tale of how Spectre Knight became Spectre Knight. Sometimes the control and the levels seem to punish you if you’re not on point and the scrolling levels might punish you for being to fast and not being able to see where you go but overall this is a great extra to an already fun, good and well made game. Plague and Spectre might although be bit to powerful compared to Shovel Knight. But it adds even more content and for free for those who owned the original. I truely recommend this game. I got a lot out of it and I bought it on this summer sale and it makes it even more worth the money. Great game any gaming enthusiast should try playing.

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