Love is Blind: Mutants

Love is Blind: Mutants is a stealth game that relies on the character’s mutant powers in order to overcome obstacles such as guards and blocked pathways. The game utilises a low-poly, high-contrast aesthetic akin to early PSX games, for that genuine ‘no frills’ nostalgic gaming experience of yesteryear.
The Subject, our main protagonist is a mutant who was living with his girlfriend in an abandon desert, believing that no one can know about them. Things turns bad, when some mysterious military people attacks and then abducts his girlfriend. Using various bread crumbs he reaches HyRL Facility. With only one aim to save his girlfriend, he is not aware about the dark secrets waiting for him.


Tags Tactical StealthAdditional Tags Early AccessDelete Local Content Remove from LibraryTLDR Too unfinished to provide any enjoyement, more of a tech demo proof of concept than any kind of a usable productReview Nice color palette choice, and the idea of a slick click to open, powers menu with cooldowns was a no nonsense way of offering tactical options for a stealth based game. After all the problem with most these games is that once you are seen its often game over, so that mechanic could had been cool if used right. Unfortunately it has mostly some useless telekinetic kick and push options and its very hard to push a character off the edge of the map in fact I havent succeeded once. Otherwise all enemies are clones of each other, the dialogue is so bad it had to be on purpose, or written by very young, or very very very unskilled people, or non english people… its hard to tell but it really goes further than cringeworthy and just is flat out corrosive to read, and eats at you that such blind display of low intelligence is on a storeshelf product. Anyways I tried to finish map 2 but some invisible enemy started sniping me through walls once i got to the top of the platforms and I am thinking it was just hardcoded there to obfuscate the fact that there is no more content after that
Alright, HANG WITH ME HERE, I understand that most of this game is useless and probably just a bunch of preset stuff or some middle-schoolers project, and yeah its slow and boring, but just look at some of the better sides: its a simple cheap game, (i got it for $.20, due to sales from a badge) not exactly bad and quite a few fun little things to poke around with.(just for experience, right?)But at the same time, this game does have about 70/75 mistakes. I kept getting shot through the wall, which then i could never finish the second level, (and honestly, with the speed of your character, i diddnt want to anyways)so,… ill just give this a 4/10, just due to be a somewhat functioning game and a little good to see a weirdly annoying obssessive game. Cons:*Slow Movement of your character, may seem good for the first few moments, but gets overwhelming over time*should just be free due to lack of ANYTHING, really…*enemies shoot through objects and walls(happened to me, idk…)*Whats the story..? seriously?I kinda actually just wondered why I wrote this review and now thinking back on it i realize that this guy probably diddnt put anything into it., now im changine this to negative…
Love is Blind: Mutants is a game with his own style where you are taken to a minimalist polygonal univers.The graphics of the game are really well done but some bad points make them hard to be appreciated, for example during story scenes the dialog boxes are too heavy and break theimmersivity of the game and there is those weird bugs when you get stuck behind a wall or inside a truck.The gameplay is interesting with this ability to stop time on click but here also there is some drawbacks, the time also stop before and after an action which is unnecessary and break the flow of the game, the key binding is strange, using «tab» to switch between walking modes isn’t convenient and it would be good to display the key to skip story scenes, dying can happen and going through all the story scene is long, very long.Don’t worry after rolling my head on the keyboard I now know that the skipping key is «space»…The objectives have issues, if you don’t do them in the order the game will broke or you can actually find the required item and the objectif won’t show as completed.The sounds of the game are good but the whistles of the enemy are kind of annoying especially when all the enemies are whistling at the same time.The story line has a good start but some elements are missing, I hope that the following will tell us why we are like that and where we came from.This game has potential and we have to not forget that he is still in alpha and most of the bugs that you can encounter will be corrected, so give it a try for the experience.

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