Welcome to the world of DayZ, hit by a new and presently unknown infection which has wiped out most of the world’s population. You are one of the few that have survived and now you must search this new wasteland in order to fight for your life against what is left of the indigenous population now infected with the disease. Go solo, team up with friends or take on the world, as you choose your path in this brutal and chilling landscape using whatever means you stumble upon to survive.


TL:DR at end… but i recommend you read this.No game at all gives me the atmospheric and chills that DayZ does.You will be running for so long that when you do see someone, you will have no idea what to do..Run?Fight?Talk to?Yes the game sometimes crashes, and at times it can be really buggy… but if you look past that there is a game where every step you take,every building you enter,every bit of loot you pick up,every campfire you make,could be your last.And that is what makes me love this game, the constant tension and atmosphere, as i said at the start, no game gives me chills like dayz doesWe love you DayZ…I also have something to say about the negative reviews as well…»IT HAS MADE LITTLE TO NO PROGRESS, OMG THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE, 3.5 YEARS OMFG AWFUL DEVS»ok…1. This game may have taken 3.5 to 4 years, but does that really matter? At this point your beating a dead horse, the game has already been disliked so many times because of the development time, but i rarely see anything wrong. I admit that i have crashed before, but only like 3 4 times (if that).Personally i do think that it has taken them a bit longer than usual but i also think that they have made quite a bit of progress over the years.2. «OMG RUNNING SIMULATOR!!! AWFUL» There is so much wrong with this that whoever says it needs to leave and never come back. So firstly, it is a post apocalyptic, realistic survival game, your not going to see a car every 5 feet. Plus if it was so easy to find, it would ruin the whole idea of the game, it would be exactly like the mod and most people who like DayZ SA dont want that. You could try a community server to see if they increased car spawns (idk if thats even a option).Thats all i have to say, but srsly if you hate the game, dont go to the status report comments just to chat♥♥♥♥♥♥there,if you want the devs to do something go on twitter and ask, dont♥♥♥♥♥♥them off or they might just block you (ik that they should’nt do that but thats just how they are).TL:DR Stop posting comments like «omg running simulator» or «omg 3.5 years awful devs»
A few years later I gave DayZ Standalone another try. It was still disappointing. The gripes I had with it on public release are still there. There’s many better survival games out there nowadays.Loot distribution is very much «feast or famine». Loot doesn’t spawn frequently enough, or with enough variety, coupled with the fact that player spawns are clustered in the same general areas of the map. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a town that hasn’t been sacked yet. You can eat all the food, tear all the clothes into bandages, and then you’re set for life. Or, more commonly, you’ll spawn in, run to the nearest town, and there won’t even be a rotten fruit left to eat because a dozen other people have been through that town before you even logged in today. Contrast to DayZ Mod, where you can at least subsist on ‘trash’ spawns which were everywhere and occasionally had cola or a can of food.There’s zombies now, and they do detect and chase you. This is an improvement on release, where there weren’t zombies. Unfortunately, their detection is mediocre, and they’re not a threat to anything but a noloot fresh spawn. Even in major cities, you can sprint around to your heart’s content and you’ll only occasionally get one or two zombies coming at you, which can be quickly dispatched by swinging a shovel at them.All in all, DayZ Standalone today is much the same DayZ Standalone it was on release. You walk around Chernarus for a few hours, freeze to death if it’s raining, starve otherwise. Occasionally you see someone. Maybe they attack you, but more often they’re just as cold and starving as you are.
A game where you go clothing shopping in other people’s houses before getting shot by someone you never saw after two hours of walking.But seriously, I played the mod when it was first around, and I purchased this standalone almost immediately. It’s almost the same exact game as it was all those years ago, which is unacceptable. This game is underdeveloped, there should be more substance to it after so long. You walk around looking for loot and die to someone with either better loot, or someone who gets really lucky. None of that has changed or gotten more interesting all this time. If anything, that just makes the expierience much, much worse. It also runs like complete♥♥♥♥♥ which is just annoying.I’m sure there are good people with great ideas behind this game, but none of that is coming through. The original creator isn’t even on board anymore, but I’m sure most people know that. As of now, July 2017, this game is not worth any price. Go buy ARMA 2 or ARMA 3 and play their respective DayZ-esque mods. At least then you get a more developed product and an actually great game.I hope that in the future, DayZ will become something great. Or, at the VERY least, something better than what this is now. It hurts me to play it. I just get madder and madder, and that’s why I’m not going to reinstall this game for a long time.
I like this game it has a lot of potential ignore the negative comments on how this is a running simulator or how boring it is and for those that played the dayz epoch or exile why would you write a negative review. Is it because you cant find a gun in every corner? well then you clearly are the type of person that just wants to shoot people on sight and make a base. The old dayz was not about shooting people on sight but more of gaining trust to those that you meet. Sure its glitchy but if were not to wine about it and just report the bug to the developers they can fix it. the gun play in this is not a lot but you have to understand that this is not a CQB type of map its big compared to other games not only that the buildings that you would check on would have the resonable loot such as a hunting rifle or food. Base building is something that not a lot of people bring up but all i see in the reviews is «I did this for stickers» or «I ran in a random direction and died due to starvation.» But base buildingis acutally good you can put loot you can pack them back up and set it to a new location but from what I am seeing is duping is just the amount of people that want a advantage in the game but its got its perks. Cars are a different story. You cant just find a car that is fully repaired in the middleof the street and just take it you have to repair them. there is a slight chance that a car will be fully repaired but it might be somebody elses so keep in mind of that but for those of you that keep on complaining of how the developers are doing nothing wrong well i would like to see you join the developer team and make it better than it is now.
Thsi game was rather interesting to learn the first time I got it. Starting out on a beach, it’s raining so I go into a house nearby and check it and the ones surrounding it. I start to shiver because I’m wet and cold, I run for another 2-3 hours trying to find some decent loot. End up with a rifle that has no scope and a miniscule amount of ammunition. Find a zombie, try to shoot it and the bullets clip through it. I resort to my hammer and try to hit it only for it to take no damage. After a min or two it finally dies. I run around for another few till I bleed out and start over. Five hours later I’m in a city, check around 20 houses, including the biggest buildings, police stations, and more. End up with a rifle or two that didn’t come with any ammunition, so I run around finding a few different scarce bullets yet none of them fit the gun. Finally find the first player only for them to be afk so I just shoot them. After an entire day of playing I decide to pick it back up some other time. Come back 3 years later, and play again for a couple of hours. Same god damn experience. Zombies are broken, everything is so scarce that it’s not even enjoyable, and there are too many bugs to deal with on a daily basis. If anyone wants to play something similar to this but better made, get Arma 3. I’m pretty sure there are Arma 3 mods out there for this kind of thing, but you get a really well made game and a zombie mod to play with instead of this waste of money.
So much potential this game has…. But it’s completely ruined and i don’t think it will ever be a good game. If this game turned into a remake of DayZ Mod Origins i believe it would be difficult to find empty or low pop servers imo.4 years in development and yet feels exactly like the first time i played it: Incredibly boring. Even in «High Loot» community servers the game is so damn boring and lack so much in objectives and goals.Like the title says: Standalone. And that’s true because i’t doesn’t matter if you have a big clan or a small group of friends, i’ts so hard and time consuming to reunite with your friends on a boring map that looks practically the same in every town you go that you just go on and on on your own. Objectiveless. To be clear of what you can and most likely will do in the game, you will run endlessly looting every crap house and town trying to get a good gun and gear. You will soon start to get bored and try to fill your head with your own objectives and main goal (since DayZ does not provide missions). Eventually you will gear up (sorta) and you will head to the Airfield which is a joke. You will get shot at by campers in the mountains, either you die on the spot or you manage to run, if you run your objective will be killing the campers that killed you. You will probablyfail. If you succeed, congratulations you have now an opportunity to be an Airfield camper yourself. You will KOS players doing the same youwere. Either you die eventually and start over again or you kill players to the point of complete boredom then exit the game.The basebuilding is a joke, in fact the basebuilding is practically an utopia, the spawn system does not exist, you can spawn anywhere in the map and pray that it’s not raining and near the sea because you will get wet, cold and dead in no time.I really wish this game took a gigantic turn and that devs with real motivation, fresh ideas and actual will to listen to the community would take over so DayZ wouldn’t die on us. Because otherwise, it will. Soon.
Its a fun game, i dont get all the hate, most of them are just memes. They are funny though.First of, this game isnt as «unplayably glitchy» as people say. As of 0.62 it isnt that bad actually, it is as it should of been at the start.It is fully playable, with what i have encountered, minor glitches, except zombies. They are glitchy but not game breakingly.I like this game alot, and as a dayz fanboy, i enjoy it.But i understand how some people dont like it with comments like these «running simulator, apple picking sim» and such cant remember any other atm xdrunning sim: i mean when im playing, and running from town to town, it usually just takes 5-10min? thats not that much tbh. And what do u want to do, sit in one house and expect to survive a apocalypse? apple picking sim: yeah apple trees need fixing, but u cant just ignore them (apple trees)?also theres that «played for 10hrs didnt meet anyone.» i can find a guy in less than 40min on a server if the server is medium+ populated, you just need to know where to go. and i prefer random encounters not going out of my way to search for one guy.but in short, if u enjoy survival games/survival post apocalypse, buy it. However dont expect alot of stuff to do that devs would offer, you have to think of ur own. (how should i survive, being vegetarian?, survivalist?, hunter?, bandit?, or one of most difficult, being a hero. Which is basically not killing players, rather helping everyone)I hope that in thebeta (which is a meme that it isnt coming out, however dev’s are saying it is going to be released inside 9months i think it was) there will be more content, bases, maybe new map, more loot.i still have hope for this game..btw, just a tip, if u are looking for pvp, dont buy this, buy arma 3 instead with these: arma 3 bundle pack 1, apex and play on arma exile mod, a more pvp focused dayz. This is like a more survival type game.
Before you read all the negative reviews, keep in mind that most of their hours in game are under 100. DayZ has a giant learning curve, which comes to you when you play ~150 hours. When you learn all of DayZ’s (sometimes buggy) features it has to offer, like hunting, fishing, camping, cooking, and farming, you realise that the game has an incredible depth to it. While the current developers at Bohemia working on DayZ SA can be incompetent, they are still working on the game at a faster rate than in previous years. This year, they just dropped .62 which completely overhauled the forrestry in Chernarus. What I’m trying to say is that you can’t judge a game without first trying all it has to offer. DayZ had and still has a huge potential to be great. Beta is pretty much right around the corner. Just give it a chance.TL;DR: stop ♥♥♥♥♥ing if u have less than 100 hoursEdit: DayZ and PUBG are completely different. The only real similitary is that you get guns and shoot eachother on a large map. PUBG gives you a set goal, and it does not offer anything less or more than the necessities to finish that goal. In this case, the necessities being weaponry, and armor, etc, and the goal being to win the game of battle royale. This makes development somewhat easier compared to a much more expansive game like DayZ SA.Now DayZ on the other hand, the players get to choose their goals, either it be one of the things I mentioned, or simply killing other players for loot. This requires a lot more development to implement features to accomplish these goals. Think of it this way;More content More development timePUBG offers one objective; kill everyone and come out on top, using weapons, armor, vehicles, etc in a set amount of time, before you are forced to encounter another player.DayZ offers many objectives; fishing, hunting, PVE, camping, etc. You can even survive by never stepping foot in a town. How can you compare a game with one linear objective to a sandbox game where you are free to do whatever, when only a few aspects of each games are the same?TL;DR 2: PUBG is nowhere close to being the same as DayZ
I purchased this game almost 4 years ago to play with friends. At the time I had played the Arma 2 mod version of Day Z a bit, and found it full of bugs and technical issues, but I passed them off as it being an alpha version of a mod. When The standalone game came out, I decided to get it. I tried to play with friends many times, but every time I played I ended up just walking around the map trying to get some gear and meet up with my friends for a half hour, and when I finally got to my friends, I would die almost instantly. I once again passed off this lack of fun as it being in alpha, but every time since then I have tried to play the game, I have been greeted with similar results. This has caused me to not play the game for multiple years. Now that I have seen this game fail to get close to leaving alpha, and multiple similar titles (early access, survival, open world games) like ARK or PU:BG get ready for launch I have lost all faith that this game will ever be finished.

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