ARK: Survival Evolved

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame & breed the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land, and team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate… and escape!

The following features are in the game on its Day-1 Early Access release. We have many more aspects and refinements planned for the long-term development roadmap, and here’s what you get to experience right now in ARK:

Ok. I’ve put off writing a review for as long as possible in the vain hope that things would improve with this game. However, it is abundantly clear that the developers are if anything making a bigger and bigger mess of what started out as a great idea, that in spite of their lack of professional standards, customer support and communication skills, Wildcards business unit (if they have one) have failed to force the «creative» side of Wildcard to take their fingers off the trigger and listen to some common sense and that above all else Wildcard really doesn’t listen to their customers, despite some virtue signalling from the companys appointed bubble-headed, blue haired moron to create an illusion to the contrary.»Early access» be damned: these are people taking not insignificant amounts of money in PAYMENT for a product (AND for additional content!) that should by definition of «early access» be IMPROVING as time goes by, but it simply is not. The company has exposed its developers for the shoddy simpletons they really are. The only possible conclusion is that Wildcard are a somewhat fly by night group of amateurs, determined to «take the money and run», with little or no intention of sticking it out for the long haul.As an I.T. professional of 20+ years (most of which spent as a lead architect) and a small unofficial server owner with ~20-25 active players, I can honestly say that it is rare for me to experience first hand, a group of individuals profiting so much for such sub-par work. In any other industry, they would be fired; it is that simple. Opinions are like a-holes: everyone has one, very few are worth listening to ;)However the facts are incontrovertible:1) Complete and I mean, complete lack of presence, support and interaction by wildcard devs, admins or even support workers on their OWN OFFICIAL SERVERS. Having played both official and unofficial (and now running my own) I can honestly say that Wildcards approach is a bad joke. Myself and my admins give a lot of support (usually in terms of workarounds for Wildcards stupidity, I might add) and we all work full time. Wildcard doesn’t even try. Take a look at their bug reporting mechanisms FFS. During my career, I’ve encountered small (less than 30 people) organisations that do far better with far fewer resources and much higher numbers of customers. As an organisation, Wildcard is appalling2) Updates are Frequent, but almost always cause more issues than they solve, with most updates being aesthetic, superfluous nonsense. Updates ALWAYS result in the developers breaking more things usually critical game mechanics than they fix, resulting in server code that looks like the product of an incestuous relationship between Frankensteins monster and an evil goat to any professional worth a damn. The patch notes published by wildcards answer to Q A in the guise of a blue haired buffoon, are also a joke with garbled or more frequently no explanations for the entries, spelling errors on items as important as server config commands important items left out completely (presumably to facilitate them sneaking in unpopular changes, prefering their paying customers to find out changes for themselves…) 3) Game Mechanics are universally awful. This is I am now convinced the result of a severe lack of problem solving talent within Wildcard. Every time they encounter something some way that the players are CHOOSING to play the game that Wildcard perceives as problematic, rather than taking stock and looking at various SENSIBLE solutions, they almost always pick the simplest, most frustrating and game-breaking approach without considering the long term ramifications. This fact has been demonstrated over and over and has been a constant source of facepalming amongst those of us with any common sense; it really is like letting a monkey loose in the plantation.4) The game is supposed to be and was marketed as a sandbox type, persistent world yet the developers are more and more steering the players towards a narrower and narrower gaming experience where building elaborate boats, playing solo and generally doing their own thing is being eroded. It was never their place to tell people how to spend their time and that they think otherwise suggests that someone in Wildcard has gotten a little big for their boots. When you fail to understand that ALL you have to do is provide a vehicle for people to have fun and instead start thinking that it is your place to persuade, cajole or hand hold players into playing a certain way, you’ve lost the plot.5) Ark is so poorly optimised, even those of us with high end systems see quite abysmal performance, relatively speaking. To put this into context, to say that the hardware on which I run our unofficial server is overkill would be an understatement. However, the server still locks up freezes on a frequent basis in the same way that official servers do. I see a fraction of the FPS that I see on other, more demanding AAA games. My workstation and server hardware configuration have been analysed over and over. But in the end, examination of the server code reveals and by wildcards own admission that the game needs a lot of work.However….a year on, we’re still seeing the same «A bit further out…» message in relation to optimisation. If you’re in any doubt whatsoever that it will ever happen, you’re right to think that way. After all, an organisation that puts the cart before the horse and thinks that making something look pretty should be a higher priority than making it POSSIBLE for people to play it properly in the first place may have dipped too far into the special educational needs inclusive recruitment barrel. Scraping even.6) Abject failure by Wildcard to understand or even identify its player base, prefering instead to rely on some very misleading statistics. For example: quite a high percentage of players actually build elaborate boats (ships even) based off of the standard raft. Yet Wildcard saw that there was a high number of abandoned rafts on coastlines and elected to handle that by a) introducing a raft killer specifically to automatically handle the destruction of said rafts b) repeatedly «accidentally» crippling boat building by disabling players being able to extend rafts. This in a game where head mounted laser cannons (and even cannons) are touted as «progress» while in the real world we as a species had multihull boats for a millenia before the iron age! And yes, I know this is not supposed to be the real world, but it smacks of monumentally thick people at the helm when you feel raft building is an issue, fail to offer anything other than a wooden raft or a motorboat despite sea being more than 30% of the game map and mastery of it being essential for progression…Another example is the absolute failure by Wildcard to realise just how many of their players PREFER to play solo. Crippling those players through their engrams is it has to be said rather foolish.7) I always felt bad for the poor Barstewards that play on console. Wildcard really doesn’t show them much love. It’s almost as if they are an afterthought, with patches occurring infrequently, late or not at all and with a number of features missing completely from their experience. I don’t play console myself but wildcards treatment of our console brothers is pretty appalling.If you are considering buying this game, my advice to you would be: don’t. It may be the case that Wildcard eventually pulls its collective head out of the horses behind, but in reality that is unlikely to happen. Whatever good idea this game was, has been swallowed up by repeated failures to listen to the customer, failures to establish even rudimentary support and infrastructure and a complete unwillingness to backtrack on its mistakes, fix them properly and learn from the experience. Such an organisation has no future, long term.

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  1. If you’re new to Ark and seeing all of the bad reviews take a look at this one before you read them and I think you’ll find it helpful, I do have 1600 hours. Now before you say anything about my recommendation. Overall yes I do recommend this game, very very much. To start with Pros because everyone does. This game, despite what half of the people say, is very good. It’s very solid, it’s very fun, it will eat your life in a good way. I have been through the ups and downs of this game and it’s Dev’s and I still can support it despite the bad.1)Graphics. They are fantastic, beautiful landscapes (if you have a more than decent pc) and wonderful terrain to explore which you never will because there’s so much!2)Gameplay. This game has so many mechanics never before implemented in other games it’s really unique and good. The FPS gameplay and controls are.. ehh clunky but you can ride dinos, swim dinos, fly dinos, fly with scifi Tek gear. In other words, quantity over quality in this case. There are so many mechanics of gameplay and factors that you will find the OKAY way they work acceptable at least. Taming is really fun, riding your tamed animals is a blast. And figuring out what’s next is great. The building needs work but it is functional and working.3)Community. Now hold your horses. Not everyone is cancer. I myself stay away from PVE Official servers, but my experience with them are decent. The people are nice they are willing to help. When you go to unofficial servers it changes. Those are where the chill people are at that are sick of Hackers and PVE and toxic players. But in all reality every game has toxicity so Ark isn’t special when it comes to that. Expect toxic people when playing online but I find most players are adult and mature. Most.4) Devs BOY OH BOY. Does the Ark community hate the devs. I don’t see why. Almost every update I see some if not many complaining that «This update broke the game» And yet I keep playing without a hitch. So basically you’re looking at Devs that are adding code to the game. Finding mistakes because yes, this game has a LOT of code. There’s a lot to it. GOOD RIGHT? Appearantly not to a lot of players? THIS IS AN ALPHA… GAME. There will be mistakes, but they have been fixed. The game breaking ones at least. People don’t seem to understand that when they play an alpha game, they are playing a game as it’s being built. If you choose to live in a house that is currently being built. Why would you complain that someone is hammering a nail in and that it is too loud and you can’t watch TV? Because you forgot you agreed to live in a house that is being built. Because you liked it. Players don’t understand this or forget and blame the Dev’s for their Toaster of a computer to play this game. Believe it or not a subpar computer can actually run this game fairly well without a terrible FPS. You just need to know how to adjust and research Graphics settings. This isn’t minecraft, you cannon play it on your iphone kids. PHEW5)PRICE This problem is new and stupid. When else are they going to make it a full price game. When it releases? What? Are you thick? Why set the new price the day of game release? You might say that makes sense but it doesn’t if you know anything about marketing. No one is going to buy Ark the day of release if they make it 60 bucks the day of. They are going to buy it on steam the day before. Because people do that kind of thing, save money. So logically what do the Dev’s do? Make it 60 before it releases so they can make money. OH GOD.. A COMPANY WANTS MONEY. You weren’t complaining about that when CoD released it’s 7th game were you? No, you were hyping up what new killstreaks or camos you could get. Of a reskinned game. This game is worth 60 bucks at this point if you ask me. I’m sorry if you don’t have a job, but all games are 60 bucks.. just saying. Be ready for that.CONS TIME WOOOWHEE1)Graphics… Ugh.. optimization is bad. It’s not unplayable if you don’t have a toaster but it needs work and It looks like Wildcard is really hitting this hard now. Hold your butts. Run the game on low memory and disable what you don’t need in Graphics settings. Lower Res. That kind of thing. It goes a looong way. However I will say that this game is very visually demanding so I cannot personally place all of the blame on Wildcard this game is beautiful and imagine buying a brand new game, that looks great on TV like… Uhh.. whats new? And expecting it to run on max with a 5 year old computer. You’re dumb buy a new one or lower graphics a bit eh?2)Gameplay. Yikes, this game is cluuuunkyy! Yep it is, dinos don’t always do what you want.. in fact they have a mind of their own sometimes and I guess that CAN be a good thing, probably is, but it CAN also be annoying as hell. You’re character has trouble standing up from a crouch or prone, it takes a bit. and reloading is hell. He also likes to randomly hop off his flying mount 1k feet in the air. Watch out for that. In other words the controls are confusing and takes awhile to get used to. There are a lot of commands so please god don’t play with a controller.SOME things are getting worked out but these are minor so don’t expect this to change unless it happens to be gamechanging. In terms of mechanics they tend to add mechanics that interfere with other mechanics, and it gets.. messy, but they clean it up pretty quickly afterwords and I can’t remember a time where they released an update that I hated.OKAY I lied Flyer Nerf was the worst update ever and I hate it and Wildcard lost points from me because of that but I still love this game.3) Community. Like I said, Toxic people everywhere on the internet not just ark. Calm down. No biggie. Play on unofficial if you can’t handle it.4)WIldcard Eh. They update and add without taking player consideration. They keep it if they like it, they remove it if they dont’ They DO listen and adapt but.. not often. They made the Flyer Nerf. Basically reducing every badass Dragon, large bird, eagle, flying thing, into a worthless pile of chicken crap. Flyers cannot fly more than the average penquin. And I mean like, a dragon can maybe fly the length of a football field before it realizes it maybe had too much McDonalds as a kid and needed to hit the gym more often. It’s hell and personally forced me to play on and create my own Unofficial server with a Mod that removes the nerf, it was pretty bad, everyone hated it. Wildcard kinda didn’t care. But they do care about their game so.. that’s something you don’t see to often, devs caring about their game. Their players not so much. I’m looking at you Ubisoft.5)Price Okay I get it 60 bucks is a lot. This game is early development. But it does need to hit that full release price sometime. Deal with it. Every good game is 60 and this game is very good. This game has MORE CONTENT THAN MO- cons right… cons…Wow that was a read you stuck around huh. Probably not probably just skimmed,♥♥♥♥♥ No in all seriousness if you haven’t bought the game. And you’re discouraged by the 60$ price tag. Don’t be, if you see bad reviews, read mine. I understand both sides I really do. It’s just people lost sight that this is a early release game, it has issues, but nothing that will stop you from having a lot of fun. IF YOU PLAY ON UNOFFICIAL. Yes.. it’s sad. but Official servers are kinda ruined at this point, you can find good vacant ones. But everything in Ark takes SO LONG TO DO.. you may not find time to play this game. Tames can take 12 hours even 24 at times and raising a baby takes even a week. So if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea but this game does. Trust me it’s worth the money, it’s fun, addicting, DINOSAURS :D, just please PLEASE play on Unofficial servers where the taming/gathering/harvesting rates are boosted. Also Scorched earth was damn good so DLC during early access pshaw who cares it was great. DRAGONS!.

  2. Recentily I was viewing ark through the comments as «broken» and «pricey», While broken is somewhat of an over statement as well as the game being pricey. Many over look the fact that the game for what its worth is acctualy being supportive of many, mainly due to the fact of the dev team 1, fixing bugs and preformence drops, and 2, supporting all people that may be playing the game with less privilages of a computer with worthy strength by keeping the choice of diffrent graphicical settings which can be hard to program (and not to mention do) because you don’t want ot ruin the experience for a player. while that issue is set aside, yes 60 is a price hike which is well over many, and 50 would be more sutable as first party titles are very pricey, leading in at normaly 60-70 for console and pc. But to debate this issue I will juststate that the dev team did not have to give us a game with such an expansive area and add new areas and dinos, many would be fine with 20 dinos and the previous amount of biomes, but they chose that this map is not done unless it is fully planted with things to explore and do, they also saying this is a survival) did not need to add a end to the game or these high quality graphics, they could of just put a black and brown auto filter in squares to make these dinos fully, they could have been an sell out and gave up when move people bought the game, but they strived on for the better to make an great experience, to say, the point of the argument was to explain and justify the price, but to also to give reason to STOP THE BASHING.

  3. Not interested in Tribe wars and cautious about buying Ark as a single player? There’s plenty for a solo player here.At over a thousand hours of gameplay I still haven’t run out of things I’d like to try in this game. I’ve played mostly solo and so haven’t even tackled some of the greater challenges yet, such as tek tier/boss fights but that just goes to show that casual single players can also find a lot of enjoyment in Ark.As a solo explorer in single player games or as a host for a private server you have a ton of cheats at your command to go full out sandbox buildermode where you can take advantage of a ton of cool mods and maps to completely customise your gameplay, or you can rule your own tribe/server as a legit Admin and play with friends at customised rates.Official PvE servers offer you a chance to work together with other tribes online, and Primitive servers or those using the total conversion mod Primitive Plus change the game to a more rustic, relaxed version of Ark. Yes, ofc online servers come with the potential for trolls, but that’s sadly to be expected and I’ve managed to have great luck with the servers I’ve played on finding friendly, cooperative players wherever I’ve settled.Official Pvp servers are a whole different kind of fun. Realistic mindset required. Yes, you will die. Many times (if they can catch you). Yes you will be raided and have your base levelled and all valuables stolen (if they can find you). If you’re building out in the open as a small tribe, there will always be a bigger tribe *or a crazy solo lady armed to the teeth* ready to take what they want. I’d recommend staying small and out of the way, with multiple bases/spawn points and item caches. Being creative and compact with base designs to stay hidden can be a fun challenge, and guerilla style pvp can have very lucrative rewards with some luck and good timing.All arguments over bugs and paid dlc aside, I think the hours played by the average purchaser speak for themselves. I read a lot of hate for the game in the comments, posted by people with more hours played than myself. There is enough to do in this game, even in its current state, to totally justify buying it imo. Ofc if you can grab it on sale, even better

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